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Central Penn Business Journal

6/23/2006 Why Do Good Businesspeople Go Bad? These are Some Reasons Forensic Accounting
12/9/2005 Family Business Owners Must Have an Exit Strategy Before They Retire General Business
9/9/2005 Economics and Purposes of Taxation Make Sound Financial Sense Tax Accounting / Planning
12/12/03 Managers Get The Behavior They Reward General Business
05/30/03 Forensic Accountants Can Help You Solve a Scandal Forensic Accounting
06/28/02 Know Your Options When Financing Business Growth General Business
10/26/01 How To Measure Income On Long-Term Contracts Accounting procedure
09/14/01 How To Borrow Money From Your Business General Business
11/24/00 Growth Is Supposed To Be Good, Isn’t It General Business
04/14/00 New Installment-Sale Rules Could Hurt Bottom Line Tax Accounting / Planning
09/10/99 Steps To Take Before You Go To The Bank General Business
07/23/99 How Can A Small Business Rent To Itself? General Business
05/28/99 Forensic Accounting Is More Than Fraud Detection Forensic Accounting
03/12/99 Steps Owners Should Take To Pass On Family Business Business Succession / Valuation
02/12/99 Consider Your Options To Buy, Sell or Expand Business Succession / Valuation
10/16/98 Thinking Of Selling Out? What Price Is Fair? Business Succession / Valuation
09/11/98 Business Relationships A Two-Way Street General Business
04/17/98 How Much Profit Is Enough On Projects? General Business / Accounting
03/13/98 Entrepreneur Or Self-Employed? Your Choice General Business
02/20/98 Some Questions To Ask When Making A Deal General Business
10/17/97 Accounting Method Tracks Company Income Accounting procedure
09/12/97 Use Loans To Better Manage Your Business General Business

The Valuation Examiner

1/2/2003 Risk Differentials Related to Company/Market Comparisons Business Valuation Multiples

Builder-Architect Magazine

Jan-06 Business Succession And The Family Business Business Succession / Valuation
May-05 Forensic Accounting What’s New? Forensic Accounting
Dec-04 Tax Tips Tax Accounting / Planning
Nov-04 Tax Tips Tax Accounting / Planning
Aug-04 Tax Tips Tax Accounting / Planning
Mar-04 Income on Long Term Contracts General Business / Accounting
Jun-02 Well There They Go Again General Business / Accounting
Apr-02 Business Succession And The Family Business Business Succession / Valuation
Dec-01 Tax Tips Tax Accounting / Planning
Oct-01 Tips About A Weak Economy General Business / Accounting
Sep-01 The New Tax Law Tax Accounting / Planning
Feb-01 Kern & Co’s Policies, Procedures & Strategies General Business / Accounting
Jan-01 Should Your Teenage Children Work? Tax Accounting / Planning
Dec-00 The Times They Are A Changin’ General Business / Accounting
Nov-00 Taxes: Estate Planning & Divorce Tax Accounting / Planning
Jun-00 Tax Savings Tips Tax Accounting / Planning
Jan-00 Tax Savings Tips Tax Accounting / Planning
Dec-99 Tax Savings Tips Tax Accounting / Planning
Oct-99 Tax Tips Tax Accounting / Planning
Apr-99 Tax Tips Tax Accounting / Planning
Jan-99 Tax Tips Information Tax Accounting / Planning
Dec-98 Withdrawals From Your Traditional IRA Tax Accounting / Planning
Sep-98 When A Tax Free Exchange Is Not Tax Free Tax Accounting / Planning
Feb-98 Financing A College Education Tax Accounting / Planning
May-97 What’s Your Business Really Worth? Business Succession / Valuation
Jan-97 Year End Tax Planning Tax Accounting / Planning
Nov-96 Autumn’s Changes – Good And Bad Tax Accounting / Planning
May-96 When Selling Your Home, Watch Out For The Home Office Tax Trap Tax Accounting / Planning
Nov-95 Tax Tips: Business Deductions for Leased Cars & Car Phones Tax Accounting / Planning
Sep-95 Tax Tips: Make Retirement Contributions Early Tax Accounting / Planning
Jul-95 Tax Tips: What’s New? Tax Accounting / Planning
Mar-95 Your Management Team General Business / Accounting
Feb-95 Corporate Property Distributions Tax Accounting / Planning
Jan-95 Tax Tips: Local Tax Reform Tax Accounting / Planning
Oct-94 Constructive Dividends Tax Accounting / Planning
Sep-94 Depreciation – What Is It And Who Cares General Business / Accounting
Aug-94 How Beneficial Are Capital Gains Tax Accounting / Planning
Jul-94 Your Management Team General Business / Accounting
Jun-94 Why Taxes Are So Complex Tax Accounting / Planning
Dec-93 Lease or Loan General Business / Accounting
Nov-93 Corporate Property Distributions Tax Accounting / Planning
Jul-93 Continuity Of Family Businesses Business Succession / Valuation
Jul-93 Revenue Recognition General Business / Accounting
Jun-93 Giving Gifts And Taxes Tax Accounting / Planning
Jun-92 Stock Redemptions General Business / Accounting
Nov-91 Restructuring A Corporation’s Debt-Effects On The Debtor General Business / Accounting
Sep-91 Financial Statement Analysis General Business / Accounting
Jun-91 Employee Or Independent Contractor Tax Accounting / Planning

TechTalk Magazine

9/1/2003 Relationship Building–Still A Business Fundamental General Business

Pennsylvania Business Central

12/1/2004 Tax Planning Tips–Year End and Otherwise Tax Accounting / Planning

Journal of Forensic Accounting

Jul-Dec-05 A Corporate Dilemma: Unintended Effects of Goal Attainment Forensic Accounting