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Central Penn Business Journal

2/24/2006 Wanted: Accountants Who are Able to Think Like Crooks Gvozdas, Susan Forensic Accounting
11/26/04 Don’t Avoid Planning Your Exit Reardon, Dennis Business Succession
09/10/04 Tax Rates Analyzed for Fairness Berg, Joel Tax Changes
04/30/04 Insurance Costs May Be Moderating Olenchek, Chris. Liability Insurance
02/06/04 Death Tax One of the Few Levies Cut Berg, Joel Tax Changes
11/28/03 Saying Goodbye Hoffman, Mark Business Succession
04/11/03 Refinancing: Employers Use Extra Cash to Grow Rooney, Lauren General Business
12/13/02 Purchase Wins Phillips Loyal Customers Acquisitions Myers, Lori Business Mergers
Gave Office Supply Company Entry to Tough Markets
07/05/02 Accountants Balk At Reform Gvozdas, Susan Accounting industry
06/28/02 Tech Mergers Transform Company Into Big Player Gvozdas, Susan Business Mergers
02/08/02 CPAs Fear Trust Lost After Enron Berg, Joel Accounting industry
11/30/01 Objectivity Important In Succession Wills, Diana Business Succession
11/02/01 Jobless Costs Climb Berg, Joel General Business
03/16/01 Area Businessmen Design 401(k) Software For Small Companies Berg, Joel General Business
09/08/00 Failing To Plan Is A Sure Plan For Failing Blough, Amy S. General Business
08/11/00 Marsh Joins Business Trust Alliance, Consulting Group Plans Advertising Push Berg, Joel General Business
04/14/00 New Privacy Rules Coming Soon Berg, Joel General Business
01/21/00 Small Firms Follow Trend To Breadth, But They Add A Twist: Combine Without Merging Berg, Joel General Business
12/17/99 Merger Musts; Buyers And Sellers Should Learn All They Can About Each Other Before Signing A Deal Burger, T.W. Business Mergers
04/30/99 Front-Porch Days Recalled Beeler, Scott General Business
01/15/99 Retailers Need To Plan Ahead For A Lean First Quarter Van Valkenburgh, Mary Lee General Business
07/03/98 Experts Share Tips On Financing Growth Cunningham, Pat General Business
03/13/98 Some Get Creative On Taxes Goodwin, Bryan Tax Planning

The Sentinel

10/3/2004 Family Succession Browne, Karla Business Succession