Business Consulting

Kern and Company will act as a liaison between management and banks, creditors, shareholders, and members of unions or trade associations. Our many years of experience with clients and resulting exposure to a wide variety of fiscal circumstances gives us a beneficial perspective when facilitating this exchange of information. We understand the focus your information must be given. But even more importantly, we make certain your position is clearly defined in the exchange.

We have always prided ourselves in being business advisors to our clients.  Following is a list of consulting services wherein we have knowledge and experience.  These services can assist our clients in accomplishing their goals and objectives.

  • Fraud Prevention and DetectionDetecting the existence and amount of fraud and making suggestions as to how to minimize the risk thereof.
  • Capital BudgetingUsing financial models to identify the most profitable choices among various pieces of equipment and/or systems being considered.
  • Internal Management Reporting Systems – Systems designed for use in managing the operations of a business, as opposed to external financial reporting.
  • Cost Accounting SystemsSystems designed to measure costs to provide services and to manufacture products, whether using process costing or job costing.
  • Bonus Structures, Gain Sharing, Profit Sharing, and Commission ProgramsDesigning the most appropriate measure(s) of success and structure to capture relevant data.
  • Performance Based Compensation SystemsDesigning compensation systems that assure the congruence of individual employee goals with overall corporate goals.
  • Cost Cutting and BudgetingDetermining the optimum measure of fixed and variable overhead allocation, and correlating that with direct costs to best assign costs to assure break-even and maximizing the marginal contribution to fixed costs and profit.
  • Strategic PlanningDetermining a vision and strategies to reach the vision, and identifying projects to achieve the vision.
  • Performance Measurements – Assuring that performance measurements are congruent with overall goals of management and owners.
  • Cash Flow ImprovementsIdentifying the inhibitors of good cash flow and recommending corrective actions and the reporting thereon.
  • Credit and Collections Policies and ProceduresDeveloping procedures for retail, wholesale, manufacturing, and/or service organizations.
  • Organization Policies and ProceduresDifferentiating between a business’s formal organizations, informal organization, giving recognition to concepts found in industrial psychology and industrial sociology.
  • Business Continuity Planning – Surviving or getting a business “back on its feet” after natural disasters, man-made casualties, and bankruptcy reorganization.
  • Product / Service Pricing AnalysesHow to determine the costs and required markups to reach corporate goals for return on investment within the confines of the market place.
  • Financing and Raising CapitalChoosing among alternatives and/or combinations thereof to raise capital from among borrowing (short term and/or long term), investors, and/or government programs.







  • Job Costing SystemsDetermining how to capture costs to facilitate accurate profit measurement.
  • Project Cost Estimating SystemsHow to identify cost components and estimate costs and the profitability of projects.
  • Forms of Business Alternatives – Selecting and/or changing to the form of business entity that best minimizes costs, maximizes profit, minimizes limited legal liability, and other owner and management goals.
  • Corporate RestructuringDetermining ways to restructure a business, or a group thereof, to increase profit through tools like spin-offs, split-ups, and/or consolidation.
  • Management Company Design – Constructing a management company where common ownership exists in several companies and the common ownership has management and operational roles to play in one or more of the subject companies, with the goal of tax optimization.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions – Choosing the appropriate structure for mergers, acquisitions, and /or spin-offs or split-ups, relative to short term and long term tax optimization and long term corporate and owner goals.