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Our mission is to provide to our clients professional advice that promotes goal attainment, maximizes profits and cash flows, increases wealth, and helps build solutions to business and financial challenges.

Who We Are

Kern and Company, P.C. was founded in 1980 by Charles L. Kern. Kern and Company’s market area is eastern and central Pennsylvania, with commercial clients based in Harrisburg and as far way as West Chester, Wilkes-Barre, State College, Altoona, and York. We have individual clients living in twenty states and commercial clients with operations in as many as ten states.

We offer a host of non-recurring consulting services that represent 35% to 40% of our total revenue. Among those services the most popular ones with clients in the last two or three years are: business valuations, forensic accounting, litigation support, strategic planning, business succession planning, and performance based compensation packages.

Our primary services are value added in that they really help the client to achieve goals, improve profits, and to solve problems. For some issues, we are only a “go to” person for the client and we plug them into another part of our business network for the answer/help that they need. We are routinely in the offices of our commercial accounts three times a year; after six or seven months, after nine or ten months, and after fiscal year end. At those times we make sure we are all on the same page in regard to taxable income and book income without doing formal financial statements, challenge the numbers, challenge what the client is doing in their business, see if business is going according to plan, do tax planning, look for changes in corporate and/or personal goals, and render what business (not only financial and tax) advice we can.

There are a number of reasons why we have had success at this work. We tune into clients’ goals. We actually listen to the clients about their problems and issues. Several members of our staff have business experience outside of public accounting. We have additional certifications in business valuations and forensic accounting. This kind of work is fun.

We know that our job is to make the client more successful.

We do financial statements and tax returns of all types, which for the most part are viewed by clients as commodities and are price sensitive. We view and describe financial statements and tax returns as byproducts of our primary services. Unlike most firms our size, we do not do write-up work, bookkeeping/accounting services, payroll services, etc.

Please take a closer look at the types of business clients we have helped with valuation and forensic accounting services:

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