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Small Business Advisors 

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Our Services for Individuals

At Kern and Company, we have always prided ourselves in being fiscal advisers to our clients. The following is a list of services for families and individuals wherein we have knowledge and experience. These services can assist you in accomplishing your goals and objectives.

Income Tax Planning

Estimating income tax liabilities years into the future based on different assumptions about income and expense.

Gift Tax Planning

How to gift assets to family and friends and avoid the federal gift taxes. 

Estate and Inheritance Tax Planning

Maximizing the amount of assets going to your heirs. 

Retirement Income Planning

Determining how much income you will have and whether it will be enough.

Retirement Cash Flow Planning

Determining what your “after tax” cash flow will be in retirement.

Family Asset Preservation

How to keep the assets in the family and controlling the use of assets after death.

Loss of Income Analysis

Determining your loss of income and/or increased cost of living due to a casualty or dissability. 

Family Budgeting

Figuring out how and where to trim costs in time of difficulty or to provide for greater savings.

Family Business Succession

How to deal with the unique challenges of passing on a family-run business.

Estate Planning Techniques

Advice about how to carry out your wishes while minimizing the tax impact on your estate and your heirs’ future income taxes.

Charitable Giving Techniques

How to structure gifts to maximize the income and estate tax benefits.

Family Limited Partnerships

Advice about the potential income and estate tax benefits.

Income Shifting

How to minimize income taxes by shifting income to “lower bracket” family members.

Family Business Valuation

Determining what the family business is worth. Three of our staff members have have certifications in business valuations.

Speakers’ Bureau

Members of our staff will speak to any of your clubs or associations about the above topics without charge.

Speakers Bureau

Kern and Company service experts are ready to speak with your club or association about any of our listed capabilities (no charge).