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    What We Do

    Our market area is eastern and central Pennsylvania, with commercial clients based in Harrisburg and as far away as West Chester, Wilkes-Barre, State College, Altoona, and York. We have individual clients living in twenty states and commercial clients with operations in as many as ten states. We offer a host of non-recurring consulting services representing […]

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    Covid-19 – A Light at the End of the Tunnel?

    The pandemic has been a nightmare for everybody worldwide, and indeed for nearly all businesses—large and small. Many of the small businesses are wondering if there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Or is that, perhaps, just a burning ember that has not yet self-extinguished? Well, let me confirm that there is […]

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    We Really Are Business Advisors!

    When I started Kern and Company, about 40 years ago, I did so from ground zero, meaning that I did so without having any clients! I did not get started by purchasing an already existing CPA firm. I also knew that I would be competing with quite a few local CPA firms that were run […]

  • 6.3.20

    Emergency Succession Plan

    Does your company have an emergency succession plan? For business owners, succession planning is ideally a long-term project. You want to begin laying out a smooth ownership transition, and perhaps grooming a successor, years in advance. And you shouldn’t officially hand over the reins until many minute details have been checked and rechecked. But it doesn’t always […]


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