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  • 6.3.20

    Emergency Succession Plan

    Does your company have an emergency succession plan? For business owners, succession planning is ideally a long-term project. You want to begin laying out a smooth ownership transition, and perhaps grooming a successor, years in advance. And you shouldn’t officially hand over the reins until many minute details have been checked and rechecked. But it doesn’t always […]

  • working-macbook-computer-keyboard-34577

    What Should You Get? Should You Buy Or Lease?

    Considering which piece of equipment to acquire and whether you should buy or lease?  These are yet two other areas that you might explore in your responses to:  Take advantage of technological advances Introduce new products Introduce new services Move into new or additional geographic areas Adding new personnel.  You should find out which of your various options […]

  • analysis-blackboard-board-bubble-355952

    Mission Versus Vision

    Let’s assume that you are a bricklayer or stone mason, if you will. Your mission is to: Build fences to divide properties Build fences to keep critters (human and otherwise) off your property Lay bricks as the exterior of a building Build the foundation for a new building Repair the foundation of an older building […]

  • black-samsung-tablet-computer-106344

    What is Internal Financial Reporting?

    When I was in college (…and that was a while ago) this subject was part of a course that all accounting students had to take. But that is not the case today.  But I think it will help if I first explain what it is not!  It is not the traditional balance sheet and income statements […]


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Stay up to date with new articles by subscribing to our monthly newsletter!